1-Year-Old New Jersey Boy Shot In The Face While Sitting In Family Car


A one-year-old was struck in the face by a stray bullet while sitting in the family car as it was parked outside of a New Jersey post office on Saturday afternoon.


















The toddler underwent  surgery and he is expected to fully recover, according to the family.

1-year-old Mina Beshay was sitting in the backseat when a gunshot shattered a window and struck him while his 5-year-old sister and their father were in the vehicle, too, but they were not injured.

“I was sitting in (the) driver’s seat with my daughter and son in the back,” the boy’s father, Michel Beshay, said, according to CBS. “Suddenly, I hear shots, about four or five, tat-tat-tat-tat-tat.”

The father said his first instinct was to move his car and get his children to safety.

He said the shooting lasted “only about two or three seconds,” then he noticed his back glass was broken and said,  “I see my son bleeding. He’s still alive, thank God, but easily the bullet could have hit here, here or here,” Beshay said as he pointed to his head, eye and chest.

When the mother walked out of the post office, she found her son shot and crying uncontrollably before being rushed to the hospital.

“Bleeding everywhere, bleeding, his face,” Michael said.

The boy’s family, who have remained at the toddler’s side, is outraged, and wants the gunman to come forward.

“Somebody come, and tat tat tat, and leave running,” the boy’s uncle Michael Beshay said.

Watch courtesy of CBS:

“I saw it, I ran inside again, and I locked the door,” said Tu Nguyen, who lives nearby.

Within seconds, the shooter fled the scene.

“He was walking normally, and then he started running. The dad told me he saw him this way,” Nguyen said.

Mina’s father said he moved his family to Jersey City from Egypt three years ago for a better life but after the random shooting of his baby, and other recent violence in the city, he’s wondering if anyone is safe anymore.

He said the violence in the city is out of control.

According to CBS New York, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop called the incident part of a “national epidemic.”

“Gun violence in cities has become a national epidemic,” he said in a statement. “We continue to hire additional officers and deploy more officers on foot patrols, but the challenge is daunting without larger changes to the overall system, such as restricting access to guns by criminals, more witnesses willing to testify and breaking the cycle of criminals returning to the street quickly after violent crimes,”

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Image: Screen grab via CBS.

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