16-Year-Old ROTC Cadet Fatally Shoots Parents, 12-Year-Old Sister After Being Banned From Computer


A 16-year-old ROTC cadet from Kentucky shot and killed his parents and sister, then was killed himself by police after fleeing to Maryland.


Jason Hendrix, armed with four weapons, reportedly murdered his parents, Kevin and Sarah Hendrix, execution style, because they banned him from using the computer.

When Hendrix’s parents came home from work on Wednesday afternoon, they were shot dead, along with his sister.

Before fleeing Kentucky to Maryland where he was shot dead by police, Hendrix attended church. His friends from church say that he was not acting unusual.

Latest.com reports:

Police later interviewed Forward Community Church Pastor Drew Mahan, who told them that the teen was an avid church-goer and was just baptized about two months ago. He would often arrive early on Sundays and help set up equipment for the service.

“People want to ask questions. Why? How? I simply looked at folks today and said, “I don’t know,”” Mahan said. “The guy has been here. He’s been an influence on our students, he’s been an influence on my own kids. They love him.”

Sometime after leaving church, Jason took his parents car and started traveling up the East Coast.

Then on Saturday, the teen was speeding and refused to pull over for police. This led to a high-speed chase.

After crashing his parent’s car into another vehicle, the still-armed teen shot a police officer. The police returned fire, mortally wounding the boy.

The officer injured in the shootout was treated at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center and released on Sunday.

“Right now all the evidence points toward him as being the shooter,” Corbin Police Chief David Campbell said.

Campbell said the 16-year-old shot into pillows from close range, hitting his mother twice in the face and his sister three times, twice in the head and once in the arm.

His father was found dead while still in his work clothes.


Police are still investigating the murders but they believe that Hendrix was angry at his parents after his computer privileges were taken away.

“The mother had talked to a co-worker and told her that he was really mad about that,” Campbell said.

Greg Razmus, 46, who owns the theater that the church uses for its services, said he had become close to the Hendrix family, especially Jason.

Razmus said Jason had the same struggles as others his age, including getting angry at his dad for grounding him because he texted someone he wasn’t supposed to.

“Just normal stuff,” he said. “There was never any sign of anything you would think could cause this.”

Grace Hendrix was described as beautiful and bubbly with “tons of friends.”

“She was one of those girls that just seemed older than what she was,” Pastor Drew Mahan said. “You could tell that she looked up to Jason a lot. She was proud of her brother. That’s just another reason (why this is ) so senseless to us.”

According to the Daily Mail, Kevin and Sarah Hendrix were beekeepers who sold honey in the local farmers market, and Grace Hendrix was a middle school cheerleader.

A spokesman for Union College in Barbourville said that Sarah Hendrix was a professor at the school.

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