2 Deputies Served Inedible Food At NC Restaurant

Two deputies served inedible food at NC restaurant.

With all the tragedy we’ve suffered as a nation lately, I’ve made it a mission to highlight the deeds of good cops throughout America just as much as I would scrutinize the actions of bad cops. I’ll always dedicate myself to shining light on the systemic racism that exists in our society, but these are dark times, and I believe it’s the one step I can take to hopefully bridge a chasm between the police world and the communities that no longer hold any trust in them. Beyond that, I’m helpless.

Police officers very often forego breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Very often, they have to get up in the middle of eating to go do their job. And they do it. So, hearing that two Cleveland County deputies were served inedible food at a North Carolina Zaxby’s is pretty damn infuriating.

If you’re not familiar with Zaxby’s, Zaxby’s is a delicious little secret we have down here in the southeastern US. They serve a menu that includes chicken strips, chicken sandwiches, chicken salads, etc. And, it’s delicious chicken. They describe themselves as “Absolutely Cravable, Indescribably Good, and Quick & Quality Service”.

However, two deputies did not receive quality service at the Shelby Zaxby’s. WBTV reported that the wife of one of those deputies posted on Facebook:

“As they walked up to place their orders, the boys in the back cooking the food started yelling at them and calling them names.”

She described their experience:

“Then, as they sat down to eat their food, my husband realized [they] had put the hottest sauce possible on [his] wings – to the point where his food wasn’t even fit to eat.”

Zaxby’s offers several sauces they toss their chicken in. They offer and describe their sauces:

Nuclear: A mouth-detonating mix of atom-splitting heat and serious flavor fallout.
Hot Honey Mustard: A little taste of honey and a hint of mustard. With a fever.
Tongue Torch: A succulent sauce with a little kick to let you know it’s there. Our most popular sauce.
Insane: An all-out taste bud assault from start to finish. Enough to drive you… well, you know.

The unnamed deputy said this happened on Sunday afternoon. Cleveland County Capt. Joel Shores is angry his deputies were mistreated and spoke with WBTV:

“Years ago, this profession was respected, it was honored. Now to get ridiculed, to be a target, to possibly get shot at, for little pay… what’s the motivation to be a police officer other than do it because your heart’s in it to help the community?”

He also made the point that the actions of a very few do not apply to the entireity of law enforcement throughout our country.

“We don’t want to shoot no one. We don’t want to pepper spray. We don’t want to taser, that’s not what we wake up to do. We wake up to protect.”

Zaxby’s has of course launched an internal investigation and a spokesperson commented they always aim to provide exception service for every ddiner. The franchise owner did not comment.

Please, everyone, the anger we all feel is understandable. The feelings of the African American community are legitimate feelings. They have every right to be furious, to want justice. But, not every police officer is a racist man or woman looking to kill black men and women. The police community has a lot to do to step up and rectify the wrongs that have happened in the recent years. It is on them to reach out to the African American community and find solutions that work. It is on them to break the silence that police officers seem to feel is necessary and report when they believe someone is unfit to be an officer.

But two deputies in North Carolina should not be served inedible food after being taunted by employees on the little bit of a lunch break they MIGHT get to enjoy. There are approximately 15,400 local law enforcement agencies with armed officers. There are many more good officers than bad. It is on the good officers to work together to weed out the bad ones. And they deserve to be served edible food.

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