Watch: Kroger Still Banning Squirt Guns And Poodles But Not Open Carry


Why does Kroger hate on Poodles?
















After Moms Demand Action put the pressure on, the recently-merged Albertsons and Safeway chain finally clarified its company-wide policy prohibiting guns in stores.

But in Kroger, poodles, skateboarding and squirt guns are not allowed, however, the open carrying of firearms is.

Guns don’t kill people, poodles do. Guns don’t kill people, squirt guns do.

Kroger’s CFO recently said that gun humping in the store is not offensive. Apparently, he finds poodles offensive though.

I stopped spending my delicious dollars at Kroger over this. I miss Kroger, but just not that much. The safety of their customers should come first.

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Image: Moms Demand.

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