2016 Makes Scary Good Sense As The Premise For A Horror Movie (VIDEO)


Even if you pay no attention to politics, it’s been a tough year for everyone. The all-too-frequent obituary for iconic artists was just about the only news to break through the dust-cloud of election coverage, hate crimes, and dead gorillas. Terrorists switched to using semi trucks while Galaxy S7s turned into pocket suicide bombs.

Now Friend Dog Studios has re-imagined 2016 as the trailer for a horror film — and it’s scary how much their comic take actually fits the way most Americans feel about a wretched year. Watch:

At their Patreon page, where Friend Dog Studios crowdsources funding for their videos, the creators write:

We were trying to find a way to describe the horror-fest that has been 2016 and the best way we knew how was to produce a high-budget feature-length psychological thriller. But since we didn’t have millions of dollars to throw away (damn you 2016!) we just made the trailer. It’s dedicated to all those who inspire and terrify us.

Seth Macchi, Brian Huther, and Ben Auxier hail from Kansas City. They first went viral last year with a YouTube video in which Huther lipsincs Donald Trump’s rally ramblings while acting the part of a drunken redneck on a front porch. The trio has been honing their craft on Funny Or Die ever since.

Of course, while 2016 has been a struggle, 2017 promises to be even worse. Donald Trump will actually be in charge of the executive branch, a conflict of interests from the moment of his swearing-in. His cabinet promises to install a reign of error according to the tenets of right wing fantasy fiction. Wars are expected to grow hotter and terrorists even more depraved. Climate change will arrive in full force. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are expected to disprove creationism by making common infections deadly again.

And things will get weird in the sequel. We’ve already seen hate crimes become more general, less coherent, and take over online public spaces; now we face the prospect of white nationalists marching into our real public spaces. Past episodes of white supremacy in America have produced historical revisionism, a great cultural erasure of truth as the guilty majority rationalizes their violence and oppression. This will all do strange things to our heads.

Happy New Year!

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