5-Year-Old Kills Self While Playing With Father’s Gun (VIDEO)


At a home in Laplace, Louisiana, a five-year-old got her hands on a gun, and accidentally shot and killed herself at 9:45 a.am, according to WVUE.

Just like that, little Haley Moore became another statistic in gun violence.

“The father said he was taking a shower when he heard a gunshot,” sheriff’s Lt. Greg Baker told WDSU. “He got out of the shower, and that’s when he discovered that his daughter had accidentally shot herself.”

Baker said the bullet entered Haley’s right chest and came out under her left arm.

A neighbor, Joy Ursin, said her husband was outside mowing their lawn when the first deputy arrived around 9:30 a.m. She knew something was terribly wrong when she saw Haley’s older sister and brother run out of the house screaming.

“It is very heartbreaking, very, very heartbreaking,” nearby resident Mary Breaux said.

“The oldest kid, she told me because they came over to us when all this happened, she’s traumatized, my sister, my sister shot herself,” next door neighbor Joy Ursin said.

According to the sheriff’s office, the child succumbed to her injuries at a hospital.

Neighbors describe the father, Eric Moore, as a devoted father who was vigilant about gun safety. The words ‘vigilant’ and ‘gun safety’ don’t seem to apply here.

Ursin said, “When the kids are there, I know he’d always say that he has a designated area where he puts firearms away, I mean he’s a retired veteran.”

“The gun should’ve been locked up but at the same time, you should, I think that from an early age, getting children familiar with them and enough to know it’s not a toy is the biggest thing,” another neighbor said.

Watch courtesy of WVUE:
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Neighbors described Eric Moore as recently divorced and said he served in Iraq. Haley was visiting her father for the weekend.

The sheriff’s office hasn’t said whether charges will be filed or not. In a video posted on NBC News, a Gadsden and American flag can be seen displayed in the yard.

Rest in peace, Haley.

Image of Haley: Facebook.

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