REPORT: Advisers Encouraging Trump To Dance With Caitlyn Jenner At Inauguration


Some of President-elect Donald Trump’s advisers are urging him to dance at the inauguration with Caitlyn Jenner. “It’s a brilliant idea,” a member of the incoming administration told Page Six.

Besides mollifying the LGBTQ community — wary of conservative Republicans in general, and of Trump in particular — dancing with Jenner could mend fences within the party.

“Time heals all wounds,” one GOPer pointed out.

Sure, that will help the LGBTQ community if they forget that Trump chose a bigot to serve as his vice-president. And the gay community would have to totally forget that Trump is the voice of the GOP now – a party which would love to take away rights from LGBTQ Americans.  And pretty much all of Trump’s cabinet picks opposes LGBTQ rights.

“The image of Trump dancing with Caitlyn would send a strong message that he supports gay rights and trans rights,” one Republican said. “A picture is worth a thousand tweets.”

Caitlyn Jenner’s publicist said, “Can’t deal in hypotheticals. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, has been a conservative for many years. She transitioned to female in 2015.

Jenner sees herself as a representative of the LGBTQ community.

Mediaite reports:

Jenner will be attending the Inauguration, according to People, as a guest of the American Unity Fund — a conservative nonprofit that works for advancing the cause of freedom and equal opportunity for LGBTQ Americans.

LGBTQ Americans disagree with her. She supports a party of bigots. She’s just another woman who voted for a pussy grabbing narcissist. But we see an opportunity for Jenner — she could do a reality show with Trump: Dancing With Bigots.

Featured image: screen capture via ABC. 

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