An Exhausted Donald Trump To Take A 3-Day Vacation From His Golfing Vacation


Donald Trump said that while he’s on his 17-day vacation he will be ‘working hard’ but instead, he has lashed out at the media, his critics and threatened to start a nuclear war with North Korea. All of that tweeting and golfing has exhausted the 71-year-old former reality show star already. It’s not the end of his vacation yet, but he’s already planning a three-night stay in New York upon leaving his luxury golf club in Bedminster, N.J. on Sunday, then he’ll return to his vacation after he takes a vacation from his vacation – or something like that.

According to Politico, Trump on Sunday is scheduled to make his first visit back to Trump Tower since his inauguration, according to a draft schedule shared with local New York City law enforcement.

On Sunday afternoon the amateur president will travel directly to Trump Tower, where he will hole up at his old, beloved, three-story penthouse on the 66th floor for three nights after issuing nuclear threats to North Korea.

Then on Wednesday, Trump will go back to his New Jersey golf club, probably because golfing in a penthouse isn’t doable.

A spokesman for the New York City Police Department told Politico that it is “prepared for any visit by the president and the first family,” adding that the department “continues to work closely with the U.S. Secret Service.”

Trump repeatedly criticized former President Barack Obama for golfing and taking vacations but he’s set to outpace his predecessor by a bigly amount of vacation days.

We’re sure that Trump will be met with a massive amount of protesters. The Twitter-addicted ‘president’ is not very well liked in his own city.

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