2-Year-Old Finds Gun In Car, Shoots Grandmother In The Back


A 2-year-old South Carolina boy shot his grandmother in the back, according to the Rock Hill Police Department.












The grandmother and grandson were in a car at 1:24 p.m. Sunday at Ogden Road and Heckle Boulevard in Rock Hill with the woman’s .357 revolver in a pouch on the back of the front passenger seat in the car, according to WSOCTV.

They were coming to a red light when the woman heard the gun go off, according to WBTV.

According to police, the child was able to pull back the trigger, and the weapon discharged, with the bullet striking the woman in the back.

The grandmother looked in the back seat and saw that her grandson had the gun in both hands, then began to cry.

The woman told her grandson she’d been hit by the bullet in the back.

She then reportedly managed to drive to a family member’s home and called the police.

The grandmother was transported to Carolinas Medical Center-Main, in Charlotte.

We’re not sure how grandma had the sense to seek medical help when she didn’t even know not to allow her very young grandson to have access to a loaded gun while she’s driving. Or to allow him access at all.

“The gun should have never been that accessible,” said Rock Hill police Capt. Mark Bollinger.

Bollinger told WSCOTV that investigators are still trying to figure out why the gun was stored where it was and whether the little boy was in a car seat.

Police said the grandmother’s sister owns the car and gun, and she could face charges.


“It is possible, for having the gun in the wrong location and easily accessible to a child,” Bollinger said. “There could even be some child safety laws in violation. Our detectives will be working with the solicitor’s office to determine what, if any, charges will come of this.”

Imagine: You’re driving around in your car with your 2-year-old grandson and it doesn’t occur  to you that a lethal weapon within arm’s reach of a naturally curious child might be a bit of a problem.

We hope the hospital can remove the bullet without issue and the surgery to remove her head from her ass is successful, too.

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We previously reported that the child was 4-years-old. We’ve corrected that.

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