5-year-old Girl Finds Grandma’s Gun Under Pillow, Fatally Shoots Self (VIDEO)


A child found her grandmother’s gun under a pillow then accidentally shot herself and was pronounced dead on the scene, according to Detroit police.

Family at the scene says Mariah Davis shot herself late Tuesday night, according to WXYZ.

The child was playing upstairs at the time of the shooting incident, while her grandmother was downstairs cooking. According to Police, the 5-year-old found the gun underneath a pillow and accidentally shot herself.

During the fatal shooting, two other children, ages one and three, were home, but they were not hurt.

The grandmother was later questioned by police and released, said Detroit Police Officer Jennifer Moreno.

So far, no arrests have been made, but Detroit police say they will continue to investigate in the incident.

Watch courtesy of WXYZ:

There’s nothing ‘accidental’ about this, or all of the other child shootings which this country has grown accustomed to. The gun owners are negligent. It’s simple. If you have three small children in the house and you leave a loaded weapon under a pillow, you might have well have squeezed the trigger yourself. That may sound harsh but it is realistic.

“These fatalities are unintentional, but they’re not accidental,” said Hutson, former spokesman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, according to CNN. “They’re foreseeable and preventable.”

Actually, these guncidents are easily preventable.

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