53 Alabama Pastors Sign Letter Urging Christians To Vote For Alleged Pedo Roy Moore


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In an attempt to prove that the religious right has not yet reached rock bottom when it comes to putting party before morality and common decency, 53 Alabama pastors released a letter today urging the state’s voters to ignore claims of molestation by multiple women and cast their vote for Roy Moore in the upcoming election.

According to these devout men of God, Moore is the victim here. A victim of persecution at the hands of left and these Jezebels that are telling lies about him. The letter states:

[Roy Moore is] a man who cares for the people, a man who understands our Constitution in the tradition of our Founding Fathers, and a man who deeply loves America. It’s no wonder the Washington establishment has declared all-out war on his campaign.

Um, guys. Not sure what the “Washington establishment” has to do with the now FIVE separate women who have come forward claiming that Mr. Moore initiated sexual contact with them when they were as young as 14. But speaking of establishment, even Mitch f*cking McConnell—the single most spineless member of the establishment in Washington–made a statement today saying that he ‘believes the women’ and calling on Moore to step aside.

The pastors’ letter paints Mr. Moore as some kind of Christian superhero—champion for morality and defender of the little guy:

For decades, Roy Moore has been an immovable rock in the culture wars – a bold defender of the “little guy,” a just judge to those who came before his court, a warrior for the unborn child, defender of the sanctity of marriage, and a champion for religious liberty. [W]e are ready to join the fight and send a bold message to Washington: dishonesty, fear of man, and immorality are an affront to our convictions and our Savior and we won’t put up with it any longer. We urge you to join us at the polls to cast your vote for Roy Moore.

Not sure how “approaching teenagers for sex” turned into “defender of the little guy”, but maybe that’s what they call it in Alabama. And he may well be a “warrior” for the unborn child, but as is common with so many of his fellow Republicans he could clearly care less about that child’s well-being once it is actually born. Until they turn 14, that is.

The entire letter is disgusting, and an affront to Christianity and its actual precepts.

Sorry, Mr. Moore, but we a fairly certain that Jesus was not referring to having sex with little girls when he instructed us to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself.’

CLICK HERE for a complete list of the names and churches of the pastors who signed this despicable letter. And don’t forget to let their churches know how you feel about it!

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