76-Year-Old Texas Man Jailed For Feeding Homeless Cats


An elderly Texas man was jailed for eight days for having the audacity to  feed stray cats.

David Parton, 76, was arrested in the town of Gainesville for breaking an ordinance against feeding strays and refusing to pay $900 in fines, according to MyFoxNY.

“My responsibility was simply to do what God said,’keep feeding them’,” Parton said.

Legal assistance was offered by the advocacy group Alley Cat Allies.

“This is a truly disheartening miscarriage of justice,” saied Becky Robinson, the group’s president. “Compassion should not be criminalized, but that is exactly what this man was arrested for—simply providing food for cats.”

The group is trying to get the feeding ban overturned, however, the mayor says there is a good reason for the ban.

“When we feed these animals in stray-type situations, not only are we promoting those populations of cats and dogs, but we’re attracting skunks and raccoons and possums and all the other critters that come with that,” said Gainesville Mayor Jim Goldsworthy.

Of course, if the these homeless cats were neutered then this problem wouldn’t exist. The State of Texas should have other things to worry about.

I feed a stray cat I named ‘George.’ I’m totally evil and should be imprisoned, right? By feeding poor old George, is that ‘promoting the population of feeding cats and dogs’ or is it just compassion?

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