A Delusional Old Man Still Insists Crazy Wiretapping Claim Is Real (VIDEO)


According to White House press secretary Sean Spicer, Trump ‘stands by’ his accusation in tweets two weeks ago that then President Barack Obama wiretapped him in during the campaign.


This is despite announcements by both the House and Senate Intelligence committees that there is no evidence to back up his claim.

After two weeks of trying to make excuses for his boss, Spicer now insists that “wiretapping” doesn’t mean wiretapping.


The tweet to which he’s referring is this one:

By using quotation marks, apparently Trump was referring to all forms of surveillance. However, he also sent this related tweet:

Wait, doesn’t count: “tapp” and “tap” are two different things.

What about this one:

“Tap” is spelled right, and there are no quotation marks, but clearly Trump is ready to place a bet on a lawyer making his case rather than stake his life – or, better yet, his billions – on it.

FBI Director James Comey is the next administration official to weigh in on this. Maybe he’ll be a little more “honest” than Spicer.

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