A–Hole Arrested After Car Plows Into Anti-Immigration Protesters (VIDEO)


Yesterday a Charlottesville-style tragedy was thwarted by courageous anti-immigration protesters in Brea, CA, when they swarmed and stopped a car driven into their midst by Daniel Wenzek.

Click and watch:

The hundreds of SEIU and other protesters were lawfully urging GOP Rep. Ed Royce to prolong a temporary immigration program for non-citizen Hispanics.

Brea police arrested Wenzek, 56, and later released him pending further investigation. Brea police said that no demonstrators were injured, but the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) United Service Workers West union – which helped organize the event – reported that six people were evaluated at a hospital.

A police spokesman downplayed the near-calamity:

He was trying to get through the crowd. We don’t have any indication he was trying to harm somebody.

This casual dismissal of what could very possibly be a racist hate crime flies in the face of another brush with the law by Wenzek, who is a convicted and registered sex offender who served three years in prison for molesting a 14-year old child.

Wenzek’s Facebook page portrays an ardent love of the Steelers and Yankees, puppies, barbecue, and Jesus Christ – not necessarily in that order.

The photos above are reproduced here in case Wenzek shuts down his Facebook page:

There’s no mention of his dark past, nor of his activity on Living With 290, a website for “victims” of California Penal Code 290, the Sex Offender Registration Act.

Let’s hope the Brea police do the right thing and send this menace back to jail. Hate crime or not, driving haphazardly into a crowd of peaceful protesters – even if Spanish is their first language – has no place in this country.

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