A HOT MESS: Trump Turns Press Conference Into Infomercial Madness (Video)


Megalomaniac Donald Trump, who has become known for using the campaign trail for nothing more than bragging about his business prowess, has yet to offer up any details about his policies. It’s something he notoriously avoids at all costs, always diverting the discussion to self-promotion of Trump and his branded lines.

Last night was no different. Instead of hailing his wins in Mississippi and Michigan, Trump turned his press conference into something that resembled a QVC hour, desperately trying to spin his corporate misadventures into gold. It was a lying mess.

Trump spent more time hawking his failed business ventures than talking about anything actually happening in the Republican race: Trump University, Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Magazine, Trump Steaks.

Donald Trump’s business savvy came under fire last week when Mitt Romney, in a scathing anti-Trump speech declared: “A business genius he is not.”

Referring to Romney, Trump said:

He talked about the water company. Well, we sell water. We have water, and it’s a very successful, you know, it’s a private little water company, and I supply the water for all my places, and it’s good. It’s very good. We have steaks. Where are the steaks? We have Trump steaks. He said the steak company and we have Trump steaks…We have Trump magazine. He said Trump magazine is out. I said it is. I thought I read one two days ago…and the airline by the way, I sold the airline.

Watch the full press conference:

But no matter how Trump spins his web of business venture lies, truth is:

Trump Steaks failed as a venture and was discontinued in 2014.

Trump magazine failed and folded in 2009.

Trump Vodka failed and ceased production in 2008.

Trump Mortgage collapsed in 2008.

Trump Airlines took on too much debt and eventually defaulted years ago. It was sold to USAir.

Trump University was an online college launched in 2005 that offered to teach the mogul’s real estate and entrepreneurship strategies, and charged fees ranging from $1,500 to $35,000. But it was never accredited. In 2013, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sued, claiming the university was a scam operation that defrauded around 600 students out of thousands of dollars.

Giving his most absurd speech yet, Donald Trump once again showed us everything that is wrong with the 2016 Republican primary.

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