A Man Just Told A Fox ‘News’ Host To Go F–k Himself And It Was Glorious (VIDEO)


Fox ‘News’ host Jesse Watters thinks he’s a really funny guy (he is not a funny guy) so he approached protesters who were participating in a “Scream at the sky” event in New York marking the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s election. Most of us would love to be able to tell Watters to f-ck off, but one lucky guy had that opportunity.

“Do you feel better?” Watters asked of an unidentified man after he had finished screaming into the sky.

“Somewhat,” the man replied.

“Do you want a pacifier?” Watters said.

“Go f— yourself,” the man shot back while laughing.


Yes, it’s all funny to Watters to mock people who are screaming at the sky while Donald Trump embarrasses us daily, provoking war in his Twitter timeline with another country, lashing out at his critics while he dismantles necessary regulations meant to protect us and the country. But, ha ha, he asked a lib if he needs a pacifier. That’s some really funny stuff there, Jesse. What’s really funny is seeing Jesse with his head firmly planted in Trump’s ass. We’re pretty sure Jesse touches himself when he reads Trump’s daily misspelled rage tweets each morning.

We want to see Jesse laugh when special counsel Robert Mueller rolls out a few more indictments.

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Image via screen capture. 

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