Above The Law: Allegations Of Police Brutality Prevent Prosecution In Baltimore Cases


Police brutalityespecially against those whose skin just so happens to be brown, is nothing new in America. Sadly, the Jim Crow era made legalized abuse of authority and brutalizing people because of their skin color, permissible. Decades after Martin, Malcolm, marching, and the Civil Rights Act, many will argue that little has changed where the manner in which some departments police neighborhoods with high concentrations of brown and poor people, hasn’t changed.

Some departments seem to be worse than others. For example, the tragic and highly questionable murder of Freddie Gray while in police custody caused the eyes of the nation to look at Baltimore. Although the officers involved in his death were ultimately acquitted, questions still loom and the manner in which he was killed, just doesn’t look, sound, or feel legitimate to many.

It has been said that the Baltimore Police Department has a “culture” of brutality. The notion of the very entity that is sworn to protect and serve the people of Baltimore, possibly doing harm on a large enough scale that the perception is that brutality is a “culture,” is horrifying.

Now, it appears that the aforementioned culture may be having some adverse legal ramifications. Charges in almost 300 cases have been dropped because of allegations of misconduct. Even worse, there are at least three instances of body camera videos that reflect what is officers allegedly planting evidence, and staging searches.

Donald Trump has spewed a lot of ignorance here of late regarding people’s right to protest and what he thinks that should look like. However, the reality is that for many Americans, being subjected to unjust treatment by law enforcement is a norm that simply shouldn’t exist. Trump and his flunkies don’t get to interfere with the right to protest against practices that should exist in the first place.

Watch below as one former Baltimore police officer gives chilling details about how systemic and deep-rooted the culture of profiling and other practices that lend themselves to brutality, are within the Baltimore Police Department:

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