Accused Pedophiles Stick Together: Just Ask Trump And Roy Moore (VIDEO)


As the GOP throws Roy Moore under the bus, the Blowhard in Chief doubled down in his support for his fellow accused sexual predator. Watch:

The rift between Trump and his on again/off again relationship with the Republican party is summed up well by Scott Jennings, a GOP strategist who is close to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:

There’s no outcome here in which the Republican Party can say, “Well, that turned out OK,” no outcome where we can sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. Both outcomes are bad for the overall health and brand of the Republican Party.

Still, Trump bashes Doug Jones, Moore’s opponent in the Alabama senate special election on Dec. 12, with zingers like this:

All Trump cares about is getting another divisive vote in the Senate to bolster his own narcissistic and failing brand.

Moore and Jones are neck and neck in the polls, with some, such as the
CNN poll, putting Jones in the lead.

The fact is, the Democrats can’t lose on this one. If Moore wins, the GOP is even further in turmoil. If Jones wins, they get another liberal vote in the Senate. Is either outcome really good for Trump? No. Good for the country? No. Glorious to watch? Oh, yeah.

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