Again: Donald Trump Retweets From Neo-Nazi Twitter Account


Donald Trump today retweeted another neo-Nazi buddy called @WhiteGengocideTM who posted a photoshopped picture mocking Jeb Bush.

Perhaps the 8-letter word “genocide” was too big for Trump to comprehend with his 4th grader grammar skills, we’re not sure, but the white supremacist tweet featured a photoshopped image of Jeb Bush holding a “Vote Trump” sign outside of Trump Tower.

What a guy.

@WhiteGenocideTM’s Twitter account profile shows black banner photo with red lettering that says “Get the f— out of my country.” The account says it belongs to Donald Trumpovitz and the location is “Jewmerica,” with a link to a page promoting a pro-Adolf Hitler documentary. The profile picture is the cover of the October 1961 issue “The National Police Gazette,” featuring a picture of George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party, thumbing his nose, and the subhead “The Man who wants to be Hitler.”

‘White Genocide’ has since protected his tweets by locking down his account and his profile is now blank but we took a screengrab earlier.












Okay, I take it back. Eight letters or not, the meaning of this guy’s account is more than obvious for Mr. Trump.

As we all know Donald Trump uses his Twitter account as a central piece of his messaging operation, most often to rail against and insult his enemies. However, he’s retweeted others who espouse white supremacist and openly racist causes in the past, including the phony crime statistics last November that falsely claimed black Americans committed 81% of murders against white victims — in fact, 82% of white murder victims were killed by white attackers in 2014, according to FBI data.

Of course, the Bush campaign immediately fired back.

“Trump’s latest classy tweet attack on @JebBush,” tweeted Kristy Campbell, Bush’s national press secretary, in response to another tweet from The Federalist co-founder Sean Davis. “Unreal. Donald Trump just unironically retweeted a vile White Nationalist account,” Davis wrote.

Trump is running out of interns to blame, but we can’t wait to see how he handles this mess.

Regardless, the next time at a campaign rally when Donald Trump asks the rhetorical question, “You know who loves me?” you know the answer: Whites. Whites love Donald Trump. Whites who want him to help keep their race pure.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.

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