Alabama AG Candidate Targets Abortion Provider On Facebook


Alabama adoption attorney Sam McLure, a candidate for state attorney general, posted the address of an abortion clinic physician on Facebook, asking “why she should not be prosecuted for murder.”

Last week, McLure told a summer gathering of the extreme right wing Alabama Constitution Party that armed militias ought to “prevent a Federal officer from moving against a pro-life Alabama Governor who ended abortion in the State.”

McLure’s Facebook post links to a page at AbortionDocs featuring a photo, address, and other personal information about Dr. Sacheen Ellis. The Massachusetts physician sometimes performs abortion services at a clinic in Montgomery where McLure was spotted last week.

The website is a creation of Operation Rescue leader Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger, a convicted anti-abortion terrorist. As with other examples of “doxxing,” the clear purpose of the site is to encourage stalking and acts of violence against abortion providers. If someone kills Dr. Ellis with this information, McLure can just say that she had it coming.

McLure’s Facebook post is classic eliminationism. “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?”

“When I first saw the picture, my heart sank,” says Mia Raven, president of Montgomery reproductive rights organization POWER House. “I knew what would come next — the death threats, the wanted posters…it all goes downhill from there.”

She calls out McLure as a cynical demagogue. “I’ve seen politicians use women’s issues to get the vote, but I’ve never seen a politician doxx a physician while subtly threatening her very existence.”

Dr. Ellis has developed a strong reputation for patient care and a kind, personal touch. By contrast, Sam McLure has promoted nullification of federal laws to impose an abortion ban through violence since he declared his candidacy in July.

In a meandering video posted to his Facebook page during August, McLure presented a quack legal theory connecting the “well regulated militia” of the 2nd Amendment to his dreams of forcing birth on unwilling women.

“Every elected official in Alabama needs to be doing everything in their power to end one of the greatest atrocities, the greatest injustices in human history,” he said.

In remarks that echo in his comments to the Alabama Constitution Party, McLure focused his ire on Gloria Grey, accusing her of running an “abortion mill” in Tuscaloosa to profit “by deceiving parents in vulnerable situations that the way out of their trouble is to kill their children.”

If elected, McLure wants to prosecute Grey and Ellis for murder, “remove the abortion exception out of the homicide statute,” and ignore federal court orders striking down Alabama’s abortion laws.

“What would happen if the attorney general applied the letter of the law and drowned these abortion clinics in litigation?” He asks in the video. Ironically, the first twenty minutes of McLure’s rant are a jeremiad against government regulation, especially of guns.

McLure haunting the Montgomery clinic last week with professional full-time harasser David Day

You see, McLure thinks that Alabamians need their guns to resist federal tyranny, which he defines as federal judges upholding a woman’s right to control her own body.

“Let’s just say that we had someone that was pro-baby killing as president and they tried to physically remove a governor from office,” he suggested in his video.

The scenario bears no relationship to reality, of course, but reads like something in a work of Christian “end times” fiction.

Whenever Montgomery’s latest forced birth legislation gets struck down, he says, the state attorney general should reply “thank you for your interest. You don’t have jurisdiction” — a conceit popular with forced birth fanatics, but not with the United States Supreme Court.

“This is not the kind of Attorney General that Alabama needs,” Raven says. “We already have enough politicians who ignore settled law and cost the Alabama taxpayers untold millions of dollars each year.”

Instead of a bible-thumping control freak, “We need an Attorney General who will follow the letter of the law and not use their office to punish women and their doctors who perform safe, legal medical procedures,” she says.

“Alabama women deserve better than Sam McLure.”

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  2. She can’t be prosecuted for murder because she hasn’t killed anyone, moron. A fetus is not a person. If it were, we would all have the dates of our conception on our birth certificates, not the dates of our birth. That’s why they call it a “birth certificate.”

    • Hello Larry Schmitt, You can’t reason with the defective shit for brains crowd!!!!! Things to do with them. Exile them from the country or ship them off to another world (my preferences are Venus and Mercury)!

  3. What pisses me off is the fact that he couldn’t care less about the fetal tissue being removed (how many kids has he adopted? I am going to guess none), he just wants to control women and be at the top of the food chain again. Little penis’ have been at the center of the destruction of civilizations since the dawn of time.

  4. As an officer of duh ‘bama court, neoclown McLure should be disbarred for Constitutional illiteracy.

    Alabama adoption attorney Sam McLure, a candidate for state attorney general, posted the address of an abortion clinic physician on Facebook, asking “why she should not be prosecuted for murder”? A: The U.S. Constitution and SCOTUS upholds a mere 10 weeks for all WOMEN to privately choose. And up to 28 weeks with her Dr’s consent until ex-post utero viability.

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