Alabama Pastor Says Roy Moore Can’t Possibly Be A Pedophile Because Women Are Floozies


Baptist minister Franklin Raddish has risen to the defense of Alabama GOP senatorial candidate and likely pedophile Roy Moore using the only tools he has, besides the King James bible: his hatred of women and the LGBTQ community.

His arguments are straight up bat sh*t:

  1. LGBTQs are bad:

    As many of them will die from AIDS, the only way they can keep their numbers is to recruit.

  2. LGBTQs are pedophiles:

    Pedophiles and men dressing like ladies, their objective is recruitment of children. How do they recruit? They sodomize. That’s the only way.

  3. Women are either floozies or liars:

    More women are sexual predators than men. Women are chasing young boys up and down the road, but we don’t hear about that because it’s not PC. Also, why did the mothers of these women not come forward? The mother knew, the family knew, and not one of them did anything. Any mother with red blood that found out her daughter had been violated would have kicked down doors.

With these brilliant insights, no doubt given to him personally by the Lord God Almighty above himself, Raddish thinks he has Moore in the clear. The “logic” goes something like this (loosely translated for those readers who aren’t fluent in Potato): Moore, like Raddish, hates the LGBTQ community, who are all pedophiles, so how can Moore be a pedophile? That would mean he hates himself, which obviously he doesn’t. Besides, even if he was a pedophile, it’s the fault of all the women involved.

Here’s a picture of Raddish and his wife proving Raddish is not himself gay:

Whoops, thats “American Gothic.” Here’s the right photo from his web site:

Whether he’s gay or not, one thing is sure: Raddish has no idea how to please a woman.

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