Alabama Republican ‘Doubts’ Hillary Clinton Has Pneumonia (AUDIO)


Rep. Gary Palmer of Alabama said on Monday that he has doubts that Hillary Clinton has pneumonia. First conservatives think she’s sick and when she reveals that she is, they think she’s lying. Every Republican is now a doctor.

“I’ve got serious doubts as to whether or not it’s pneumonia. But I can’t say,” he said, according to Buzzfeed News. “In my opinion, just my observation, if it were pneumonia, I would’ve thought they would’ve come out and said that very early on. You know, she’s disappeared for a few days, and if I’d been her adviser, I would’ve said, ‘You need to get out there and let people know what’s wrong with you, get treatment, get a few days’ rest, get back on your feet.’”

“They’ve tried to attribute the cough to bronchitis, they’ve tried to attribute it to pneumonia,” he continued. “But I sat in the Benghazi hearing for three hours, and she sat there and coughed her way through that. You know, again, you just look at the pattern and it just begs the question, are we being lied to again?”

Buzzfeed reports:

Palmer added in his interview said that he didn’t wish Clinton ill, but added that, “if lying were a disease, she’d be terminal.”

“We need to separate our political views from the woman’s health,” he said. “I think it’s pretty serious. Whatever it is. It’s pretty serious. I don’t wish her ill. I want her to lose the election obviously, but I think we need to be careful, but I do think there is a tremendous amount of disinformation out there. I think we were being lied to. And in some respects, if lying were a disease, she’d be terminal.”


When he speaks of lying it’s as if he’s never seen Donald Trump in action. The deplorable man is incapable of telling the truth. Earlier today, Donald said that ‘something is going on’ with Clinton’s heath, suggesting that she’s suffering from something more than pneumonia.

He also suggested banning moderators from presidential debates. He went as far as to say that Matt Lauer was tough on him when we know the opposite to be true. It almost sounds as if Donald is afraid of losing to Hillary. Correction: It sounds exactly like that.

Quick question: Why would someone with a terminal disease be running for the presidency?

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