Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Voters Need To Have Their ‘Jaws Broken’ (VIDEO)


Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones used his platform yesterday to say that the “stupid, snot-nosed, crude” liberals supporting Bernie Sanders need to have their “jaws broken.”

Jones said that Sanders’ campaign is catching on because  liberals “live off the backs of everybody that fought Nazism and communism.”

“You need to have your jaws broken,” Jones said. “But don’t you worry, reality is going to crash in on you trash who lowered our defenses, who brought the republic down.”

“Oh, we’re already gone and you celebrate it like you’ve joined the globalists, mounting America’s head on the wall, your great victory,” he continued.

Right Wing Watch reports:

Jones then depicted Sanders and his “pathetic scum” supporters as mentally disabled, before arguing that Sanders voters are “the ultimate chumps, the ultimate buffoons, the ultimate schmucks” who will “burn in the camps.”


“Bernie Sanders with his fake Einstein hair,” Jones screeched. “As if the New World Order is going to give you anything free!,” he said, adding that they were hypocritical “pathetic scum,” who will “burn in the camps.”

We’re not sure what ‘camps’ he’s referring to, but possibly FEMA camps, who knows.

He seems really stressed. In between Jones wanting to break Bernie Sanders’ supporters’ jaws, and shock-joke Pete Santilli saying he wants to shoot Hillary Clinton “in the vagina” because he wants her to “feel pain,” I’m going to guess that they really hate democrats. What do you think?

Obama hasn’t confiscated his guns and he’s almost out of office. Slacker! We’re sure Jones thinks Barack HUSSEIN Obama will grab them on his last day in office, just because he can.

He needs a timeout. Maybe a leisurely rest in one of those hard labor liberal ‘camps’ he was speaking about, not that we’re trying to push him over the edge. We would never do that. BOO!

H/T: My pal T Billy, with thanks.

Image: Screengrab.

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