Alex Jones Jumps In To Defend His Poor, Abused Reporter (VIDEO)

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In a rant that probably surprised no one, Alex Jones of InfoWars decided to be a mean jerk-ass to an 11-year-old girl. On Friday, we reported about the amazing young lady who, when approached by one of Jones’ minion reporters, Owen Shroyer, told him:

“You’re a f*cking idiot”

The precocious pre-teen then flipped him the bird and strutted off like she owned the world. At the very least she seriously owned that idiot reporter and became an instant internet hit.

Now Jones is super butt hurt and he is lashing out at a child because he hires dumb asses that can’t defend themselves. Jones is trying hard to claim that Shroyer was attacked. Yes – by an 11-year-old girl. As you try to wrap your head around that… nah… we got nothing. It is just too incredulous how Jones is trying to spin this thing.

‘They’re attacking because simultaneously they’ve stolen your identity. They’ve stolen your work. They make money off of you. And they’re pissed that you go out there and you’re a good-looking, sharp, smart guy and show their zombie hordes so they’ve got to project it back and go ‘It’s rock star to have 9-year-old girls talking like they’re John Belushi on PCP.’

He continued his rant in preparation for something big that never quite materialized. The whole four minutes boiled down to an old man defending an idiot and using an 11-year-old girl to prove that liberals are the ones that need help.

‘It’s great that they can’t talk. It’s great that they’re dumb. It’s great that they’re hateful and stupid. It’s great that [unintelligible spitting] crapping on everyone. They’ve got to turn that around and act like… it’s like Media Matters… takes the most powerful truths and puts them out twisted, they’re the boss, like look at this kookiness, “Job says that water is wet.” It’s about an authority. It’s about a CON game. About who you can have on and who you can talk to, and… and… Let’s play a clip of this ‘young lady’ in Austin…’

The video flips to the clip of the young lady, who the idiot reporter Shroyer addresses as “young man” when he first approaches her. Returning to Jones’ commentary, Jones slides into a spittle-infused and disgusting explanation of how his reporter clearly said “ma’am” and not “man” and it just got extraordinarily more pathetic the longer they went on trying to justify how butt hurt Shroyer was after being attacked by a little girl.

Because everybody says “Young ma’am,” right?

Watch for yourself:

Featured image from video.

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