All G20 Leaders Except Trump Commit To Paris Climate Agreement — Even Putin


Why bother worrying about healthcare? We’re all going to choke to death soon.

Every world leader at the G20 summit in Hamburg reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris Accord — except Donald Trump. The Climate Change Denier-in-Chief in the White House refused to compromise. Instead, he stood his toxic ground to make America greatly polluted again with greenhouse gases.

I feel myself hacking up a lung already.

The Paris Accord, which was signed by 195 countries in 2015, was finally ratified at the summit in Germany. After lengthy discussion, 19 of the G20 leaders issued a joint statement, in which they explicitly outlined the U.S. position rejecting the climate deal over the (lack of) mention of fossil fuels.

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel and her “G19” colleagues made it clear that America’s lone stance on climate change is “regrettable.”

We amended the declaration and it says very clearly what the United States of America want and underneath what the other countries want.

Here is the controversial section of the G20 communique:

Directly following that paragraph is this one, as Merkel noted in her press conference:

The Leaders of the other G20 members state that the Paris Agreement is irreversible. We reiterate the importance of fulfilling the UNFCCC commitment by developed countries in providing means of implementation including financial resources to assist developing countries with respect to both mitigation and adaptation actions in line with Paris outcomes and note the OECD’s report “Investing in Climate, Investing in Growth”. We reaffirm our strong commitment to the Paris Agreement, moving swiftly towards its full implementation in accordance with the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, in the light of different national circumstances and, to this end, we agree to the G20 Hamburg Climate and Energy Action Plan for Growth as set out in the Annex.

Speaking at a sideline meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, Putin said that “we honor the Paris agreement.” He added that Russia has made decisions related to the implementation of the deal and intends to implement them. Macron hailed Putin’s pledge as “very important.”

Ignoring 99% of the world’s scientists, Trump has set policies that will destroy our air, land and water by eliminating science and oversight by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA has estimated that carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil fuel usage accounts for 57% of all key greenhouse gases.

In 2014, the top CO2 emitters were China, the United States, the European Union, India, the Russian Federation, and Japan.

Unfortunately for America, our so-called president doesn’t believe in scientific facts. Trump still claims that global warming is a Chinese hoax. He thinks wind power will kill off all of our nation’s birds. He even believes that when the sun sets each night we don’t have solar power.

What’s next from this moron? Smoking cigarettes is good for us? Margarine is better than butter? No, wait, I have it: Donald Trump in 2020.


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