‘All Lives Splatter’ Goes Nationwide, Republicans Everywhere Fantasize About Killing Protesters


The latest in a string of conservatives to publicly display their deeply held desire to murder protesters is Republican Lynne DiSanto, the GOP Whip in the South Dakota state legislature. Rep. DiSanto posted a “funny” meme declaring “All Lives Splatter” nearly two weeks ago and didn’t delete it until Tuesday after a major outcry. She faces no consequences, nor even a reprimand from her party.

Of course. It was a joke, after all. Right?

I could write a whole big thing about Lynne DiSanto, but honestly, she’s not the problem. I mean, she’s part of the problem, but the real issue is that conservatives hate protesters so much they think it’s okay to kill them. At the very least, they think it’s okay to joke about killing them, which, for the record, isn’t okay.

It’s not like we don’t have an example of it actually happening. I mean, besides the obvious case of the murder of Heather Heyer, there’s the guy who was just arrested on the Oregon/Washington border for trying to run over some protesters. Where do they get the idea? It’s people who “harmlessly” share bullshit like the above.

In fact, that specific meme is getting some traction. DiSanto is, like I said, only the most recent Republican to share her “viewpoint” that protesters are fair game for crushing under the wheels of 1,800 pounds of steel.

Back in February, a police sergeant in New Mexico was totally not even put on leave after he shared the “All Lives Splatter” meme.

Just a few weeks ago, an unidentified County employee in central Washington state shared the “Splatter” meme, just as the city across the river from her was hunkering down for a bitter fight over changing the name of Robert E. Lee Elementary — a ridiculously named school for somewhere so far from the South, in a state that didn’t exist during the Civil War. Guess who still works for Chelan County Emergency Management.

Do a little searching on the term, and there are plenty of examples, which lead to other examples:

Accidentally hitting a protester they didn’t see” is Republi-code for “You know what to say in court.

Two for one with this article.

A freaking cop in Oregon posted this. SERIOUSLY.

Lawmakers, cops, and just regular old bloodthirsty Republicans all want the same thing: To kill people who inconvenience them slightly.

Argue with me, conservatives! Justify yourselves. Tell me what makes it okay to even joke about killing protesters. Because so far, all I’ve heard from you is that “they don’t have the right to block the roads.” But guess what: They totally do. Sure, there are ordinances in place for the authorities to remove protesters from streets or train tracks or wherever you don’t want them. But that whole protesting thing? That’s actually in the Constitution.

You know what’s not in there? Running anyone over.

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