Allen West’s Crazy War Hawk Rant Criticizing Obama’s Iran Peace Deal Is Really, Really Crazy


Allen West is the kooky former Florida House Representative and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, who once said women fighting in the military would “destroy the last bastions of American warrior culture.”











West, a self confirmed conservative genius, had once accused Walmart of adopting Sharia Law because he couldn’t buy alcohol from a clerk he thought was a Muslim. Turns out walmart like all retailers and bars, can not allow any minor under the age of 18 to sell alcohol.

Back in July, West unloaded both barrels at President Obama in a rant Yosmite Sam would be proud of. In his speech he said that the president did a “very stupid thing” in making a deal with Iran.

Here’s this glorious tea nutbag’s speech from July.


West loudly rattled his sabers firing up a crowd that seemed to be on a red meat and beer only diet. It’s unknown whether or not Mr. West pleasures himself with gun oil while watching “Full Metal Jacket.” But judging from this speech, that revelation shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Conservatives like Mr. West are very quick to arm chair quarterback President Obama, especially on military matters. They called the president’s efforts to normalize relations with Cuba, treasonous. Actually that’s not really anything special since conservatives have called anything President Obama says or does to be treasonous; he could cure cancer and I assure you conservatives would blame him for creating it in the first place.

This by far is one of the best war hawk speeches I’ve ever heard. Only George W. Bush gave better speeches, and that’s only because he was unfortunately our president. Also, Bush had the power to carry out his rhetoric at the expense of many American lives, as well as innocent lives taken during his wars.

Let’s hope this man never even sniffs the air in the oval office.

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