America Is DISGUSTED With NRA ‘Valentine’ Tweet After Horrific School Shooting In Florida


A small firearms shop in Florida must have been pretty happy when the gun manufacturing lobbyist wing, the NRA, retweeted their “Valentine’s Day” message encouraging lovers to purchase something for their significant other that they would “appreciate”:

That tweet has since been deleted, but it was a perfect example of what’s wrong with gun culture in America — it’s been fetishized in such a way that gun-crazy ammosexuals now consider a deadly weapon an appropriate gift for a romantic holiday.

Unfortunately, nobody is surprised by the disgusting sentiment, and given the horrifying school shooting that took place today in Parkland, Florida, it struck people the wrong way.

Who knows what it will take before America wakes up from its gun-crazed stupor and wrestles back control of our Congress from the death grip of an organization whose job it is to minimize the tragedy of gun deaths and then sell more guns.

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