America’s Favorite Dictionary Can’t Resist Trolling Trump Over Misspelling ‘Heal’


The Charlottesville clashes were violent and a woman lost her life. To avoid a repeat of the same in Boston, where a similar rally was organized by conservative groups, thousands of counter-protesters marched to stop it.

Obviously, this offended the Covfefe-in-Chief. He tweeted his response to the incident:


However, Number 45 didn’t spell it right on his first try. Nor the second. A user captured the error:


Online dictionary Merriam-Webster trolled him for this by explaining the difference between ‘heel,’ ‘heal,’ and ‘he’ll.’

According to the dictionary, one meaning for ‘heel’ is “a contemptible person,” instead of the rear of the foot. Perhaps they were referring to Trump himself. The other meaning of heel is an ‘inconsiderate or untrustworthy man’ in the Trump context.

Interestingly, Donnie got multiple deferments from the Vietnam War, one of which was for bone spurs on the heels of his feet.

A woman added an example to help the amateur president understand the difference.


Twitter rocked the president back on his heels:


Featured image via screen capture

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