Ann Coulter Brutally Attacks Trump on Twitter and It Is Beautiful (VIDEO)

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Alleged president Donald Trump hasn’t been winning any popularity contests with the liberal and progressive crowds, but now it seems that he is working hard to piss off even his most ardent supporters.

In a surprise tweet yesterday, former Trump cheerleader, author, and cable news blond bimbo extraordinaire Ann Coulter tweeted a possible campaign slogan for Trump’s 2020 run and it was brutal:

Possible 2020 slogan: “I broke my promises, betrayed my friends & used my office to help my family, but, hey — at least I’m not Hillary!”

That tweet, at 11:20 a.m. EDT, was a response to a Trump tweet about DACA and was the beginning of a hailstorm that went on much of the day.


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Later in the day, Coulter tweeted:

The pinned tweet on her feed is equally brutal, touting the title and linking to her most recent op-ed discussing amnesty:

In her op-ed, Coulter slams immigration policies, and in particular, any type of amnesty program ever conceived dating back to slamming the honored soul of King Ronnie Reagan himself. In the op-ed she just bitches about policies past and present, but offers up zero solutions, or even suggestions on how to fix the issue.

Coulter claims that each and every time amnesty is suggested, the American people “rose up in a rage and killed the proposed bills.” That simply is not true. In fact, although complete amnesty for every illegal immigrant has never been favored, most Americans would prefer to have a policy directed at allowing productive, caring, tax-paying people to stay even though they got here via illegal means.

And, as evidenced in the protests that have risen up since Trump had Sessions announce his proposed elimination of the Obama-enacted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, people seem to be much in favor of keeping these kids right here – in their HOME country.

So, Coulter will probably continue to slam Trump on his failure to keep his promise to rid America of, well, basically anyone that isn’t old, white, and ‘Murican. The rest of us can continue to fight for these kids that were brought here by their parents for whatever reason and treat them with the respect they have earned as they are attempting to become productive citizens regardless of their undocumented status.

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