Ann Coulter Revolts On Donald: ‘At This Point, Who DOESN’T Want Trump Impeached?’


Racist Conservatives hate immigrants. The mere reason they favored Trump and voted him into power was that he was the most racist candidate out of the options available. But now that he is seemingly backtracking on his plan to end DACA and build the wall, conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter tweeted in response to the amateur president’s support for the recipients of the DACA program.

This is what Trump tweeted in the morning:

It’s obvious that the relations between Coulter and Trump have reached an all time low. If you hate her already, check what her fans tweeted:

There were some who found themselves in disbelief, as well:

Ann is one of those pundits who believes they have some influence over policy. So when she saw that Trump would even consider doing something so contrary to the hardcore right-wing belief system, she was out of her mind.

Welcome to the way the rest of us feel the rest of the time, Ann.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/flickr

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