Ann Coulter’s Immigration Plan: Do Not Allow ‘Overweight Girls’ Into US


Ann Coulter, the fire-breathing conservative columnist and moronic master of sh*t, told Breitbart on Friday in an email that if she ran the immigration system, she wouldn’t “admit overweight girls” into the U.S.












Talking Points Memo reports:

Coulter’s comments were reportedly made in response to a question about an incident that occurred on Tuesday when Coulter refused to hug an undocumented immigrant during an audience Q&A on the cable network Fusion.

“When I’m in charge of immigration, (after our 10 year moratorium) I will not admit overweight girls,” Coulter said.

The ‘author’ at Breitbart concludes, :She’s got a point: Shouldn’t the United States be picking the most desirable immigrants to bring into the United States, truly the best and brightest?”

Right, because only skinny women accomplish great things in life. Are they serious? Yes, they are. Unless it comes to Bloomberg trying to ban Big Gulps, a move which we were strongly against.
Undocumented immigrant Gaby Pacheco asked Coulter whether she could give her a hug as “as a sign of my humanity and yours.”

Coulter declined saying,  “Let’s get on with the question.”

Coulter was promoting her book “Adios America.” She makes controversial comments such as the one to Breitbart, whenever she’s selling a new book.

Someone needs to make Coulter a sammich. Girlfriend is too skinny.

I wonder what Barbara Bush would say about Coulter’s idiotic comment.  There’s a warm seat in hell waiting for you, Ann. Why don’t you check out your reserved seat now.

There’s your ‘small government’ Conservatives at work. They’re putting checks and balances in our vaginas and now, not wanting to allow hard working immigrants into the country because of their size.

Such a caring Conservative.

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