Ann Coulter’s Theory On Why Harvey Hit Houston Is The Dumbest Thing On The Internet (TWEETS)


Ann Coulter is a racist, homophobic, Jesus lovin’ idiot who has given the question WWJD a whole new slant with her latest crazy argument against climate change. According to Coulter, Jesus may have been tempted to take out the entire city of Houston with Hurricane Harvey because they elected a mayor who is a lesbian. Not that she’s saying that’s what happened, but she is claiming that it is plausible—and certainly more plausible than that silly “climate change” theory that all of the most educated people in the world keep harping on about.

After Harvey struck Houston, Politico sent out a tweet with a picture of the destruction and the caption ‘Harvey is what climate change looks like’:


The cognitive dissonance of having her whole “Jesus is everything which means science can’t exist” theory squashed by actual proof of climate change was too much for Coulter, who felt the need to respond with this ridiculous non-theory:


So what Ms. Coulter is proudly announcing is that a God who is supposed to be loving and forgiving sending death and destruction raining down on an entire city just because the mayor happens to be a lesbian is more believable than years and years of actual scientific evidence? Awesome.


Here’s the thing, Ann. Houston’s mayor is a dude. Not sure about his sexual orientation, and honestly don’t care, but the scientific fact that he is a man would point to him not being a lesbian. Don’t you just hate it when scientific facts prove your stupidity? Seems to happen to you a lot.

Also, that is not how any of this works. If there was a God, and he really was able to make hurricanes hit certain places and such, and he hated the gays sooo much more than, say, child molesters or mean angry bitches that incite hate against others..wouldn’t he just smite them all and get it over with? Why take out a whole city?

Maybe your next lame book can be on that.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore/flickr

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  1. I remember talking to evangelicals after Katrina who told me the storm was God’s punishment for the gays.

    None of them could explain to me why the French Quarter or the Faubourg Marigny neighborhoods, which have large gay populations, were relatively unscathed.

  2. It is just an example of the lack of ‘working and viable’ brain cells in her head. Which also is a perfect ratio to the whole of Trumpette supporters.

  3. What makes her such a horrible person is the fact that she doesn’t believe what she says. The morons who will fund her speaking engagements do believe this shit so she exploits them for their stupidity instead of trying to educate them.

  4. if her imaginary friend jesus was so smart, why’d he bump into texas with his big wet fart – shoulda known that a bit more south and he coulda made a channel of sand for the walls foundation – jesus aint no better than the crud who shout the name.

  5. “But that is more credible than ‘climate change.'”

    So 97% of scientists in the obscure field of “weather prognostication based on the premise that what some probably mythical guy who has been dead for millennia would want to do to innocent people for the sexual partner’s gender for one specific person is what accounts for the weather” – ology have studies showing the “Jesus hates the mayor” is the most likely cause of extraordinary perturbations in localized weather?

    I have my doubts about that. I can’t find ANY degree programs in “Jebus-directed weather.”

  6. She got exactly what she wants, attention and an another article about her. Don’t people realise by now she is and always has been just a Troll? Don’t feed her!

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