Another Oregon Standoff Militant Arrested After Threatening To Shoot Federal Officers


Another armed militant who participated as part of the security team during the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation which lasted 41 days, was taken into custody Thursday on weapons charges after he threatened to shoot federal law enforcement officers, according to The Oregonian.

Scott A. Willingham, 49, was arrested Wednesday in the small town of Mount Vernon on allegations of unlawful use of a weapon, a felony, and second-degree disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. He was arraigned Thursday in Grant County Circuit Court and held on $35,000 bail.

Willingham was arrested at a motel after threatening to “start shooting federal law enforcement officers” the next morning, Carpenter said.

Authorities found a semi-automatic rifle with 230 rounds of .308-caliber ammunition at the time of Willingham’s arrest.

In early February, Willingham told The Oregonian in an interview that he worked on security details and was being “groomed” for a leadership role in the armed occupation.

When the leaders of the occupation were arrested, he left the area.

The Oregonian reports:

Willingham, who described himself as an unemployed musician from Colorado, was part of a crew that helped Finicum remove what the occupiers said was a law enforcement surveillance camera. The camera was mounted at an electric company substation about six miles from Burns toward the refuge. Authorities have never acknowledged whether law enforcement mounted the camera and its fate remains unknown.

Willingham is the latest in a string of armed occupiers to be arrested for the takeover near Burns, Oregon. That stunt terrified the town and kept business from operating normally as well as schools shuttering for a short time.

Earlier this month, Mel Bundy, Dave Bundy, Jerry DeLemus, Erick Parker and Steven Stewart were also arrested by the FBI.

Eric Parker is the man who was seen in photos during the Nevada Standoff atop a bridge with his rifle pointed at federal agents.

Raise your hand if you knew that threatening to shoot feds was illegal.

Image: Oregonian via Twitter.

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