Anti-Gay Alabama Chief Justice’s Son Busted For Drugs Near Attempted Break-In


The 24-year-old son of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was arrested on Sunday for drug possession near the scene of an attempted break-in, according to court records.
















Caleb Moore was charged with possession of  controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

When police responded to a report of an attempted home break-in, they found five men, including Moore, outside near a pickup truck that smelled strongly of marijuana.

The men in the vehicle denied there were any drugs on their possession, however, officers found a bag of marijuana in the glove compartment, along with Moore’s passport. Several Xanax pills also were found in the bag, reports.

Moore was taken into custody and released on bond totaling $8,500.

According to, in a Facebook post on Monday afternoon, Caleb Moore addressed the charges:

“This is nothing more than a prime example of how media and crooked police officers and critics of my dad try to not only destroy his career for what he stands for but will go as far as trying to destroy his family,” he wrote. “I am not a drug user as the drug test taken today will show. As for the malicious possession charges, justice will be served.” reports:

“I’ve done nothing more than any other college kids,” he told [in January] “Because of who I am, it gets blown out of proportion. Since then I’ve got in a closer walk with the Lord. Whatever anyone says about me, it doesn’t bother me. The people who know me and know what’s true can really see what’s going on here and see through critics of my dad.”

Moore pleaded guilty in 2013 to drug-related charges and was sentenced to probation. He was arrested in 2011 and charged with drug possession and driving under the influence.

This is the first I’ve heard of ‘walking with the Lord’ while downing Xanax.

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