Anti-Vaxxer Children’s Book Is Getting Hilariously Trolled In Amazon Reviews


With an outbreak of measles infecting 100 people in 15 states and an anti-vaccine doctor declaring this week, “I frankly don’t care if my child gets other children fatally sick,” a 2012 children’s book “Melanie’s Marvelous Measles,” written by an anti-vaxxer, is being mercilessly trolled.

Salon reports:

The book’s illustrated cover features a girl frolicking in a meadow with her stomach exposed, revealing a number of measles pocks all over her body. The whole thing is truly grotesque — so much so, that Amazon has put a disclaimer on the book’s description, noting that it is “provided by the publisher/author of this title and presents the subjective opinions of the publisher/author, which may not be substantiated.”

Stephanie Messenger’s book has just met the Internet. Reviews are pouring in.




A carpenter weighed in.


The dedicated reviewer is writing from her death bed. 



She’s dead. 



Remember before the midterm elections when Obama was blamed for Ebola — which did not infect people within our borders — and Republicans demanded he ‘close the borders’? Then they won the midterm elections and forgot all about the Ebola patients which have not been infected in this country.

And now there’s an outbreak of measles and they’re opposing vaccinations. The majority of people who have measles have not been vaccinated.

It’s highly contagious. See: Disney.

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