Apparently Trump Supporters Have Forgotten The Internet Exists (IMAGES)


Trump supporters are so desperate to believe that their insane president is as popular as he claims he is, they have been mass sharing a fake photo of the crowd size at last night’s Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Preliminary reports suggest that the turnout was much lower than expected, with only half of the seats filled with actual people.

The photo they have been sharing alongside claims of mass support for Trump is actually a picture of a huge crowd of jubilant Cleveland Cavaliers fans following a championship win:


Sorry that the internet exists, Trumpsters. It means people can fact check your bullsh*t claims, making you look ignorant and desperate. Here is a real photo from the event, in case you are at all interested in the actual truth:


Mr. Trump, of course, sent out a tweet immediately after the event claiming that his crowd size was “yuge.”


Then he let his insecurity show by again tweeting about crowd size this morning.


Now, just what exactly are you so insecure about the size of, Mr. Trump?

And what happened to respecting factual information? Trump and his supporters are so fond of screaming “fake news” any time they see or hear something they don’t agree with, but when it comes down to actually fact-checking Trump’s ridiculous statements or being at all informed about anything, they seem to revert to a level of back-woods ignorance that is astounding.

Featured Image via screen capture

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