Arizona Man Wakes Houseguest With A Gun, Turns Out It Was Loaded


At 8:00 a.m. New Year’s Eve, 19-year old Nathaniel Thomas dialed 911 to say he had just shot an intruder in his Chandler, Arizona apartment.














Soon after that morning 911 call, residents woke up to police all around their San Cervantes luxury gated community, where the lifeless body of a man in his 20’s was found lying on the floor. The man, identified as Gage Bodenheimer, was pronounced dead on the scene.

Now here’s where the story gets even more stupid.

Nathaniel Thomas forgot there were witnesses: A large group of his friends had been in his apartment the entire time.

Once Chandler police interviewed the group they found out the 911 story was a lie. The real story was that Bodenheimer, another friend of Thomas’s, was sleeping on the floor inside the apartment. Thomas thought it was high time his friend get up, but instead of waking him up nicely — he pointed his gun at him and clicked the trigger several times, as if it were an alarm clock sounding.

It was alarming alright. Thomas’s gun was loaded and his friend was dead.

“He’s been around guns his whole life. In fact, it’s known (that) he always has a gun on him,” Chandler Police Det. Seth Tyler said. “Mr. Thomas believed that he unloaded his weapon. He removed the magazine and he believed he cycled the round out of the chamber.”

Bodenheimer’s mother, Jennifer Fisher, said she had suspected that Thomas’ story was false.

“I knew that wasn’t true. He’s never been in trouble,” Fisher said. “(My son) was a hugger, the touchy feely guy, that every time he saw me he would hug me. I just want him to come back through the door.”

Thomas was booked into jail on second-degree murder charges that afternoon.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help pay for Bodenheimer’s funeral expenses.

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