Armed Man Charged With Daughter’s Death After Officer Accidentally Shoots Her


The father of 12 year old Ciara Meyer, killed by a Perry County Constable serving eviction papers earlier this month, has been charged in her death.  The family had received multiple notices about the pending eviction proceedings, so when they heard a knock at the door, they knew who it was. Meyer was ready with his weapon, fully loaded and aimed at the officer. Did he think that threatening to shoot a Constable would somehow prevent the lawful eviction? Would this somehow help their case? No.

The cowardly father decided that rather than pay his rent or deal with the Constable in a respectful way, he should pull a loaded, semi-automatic rifle at law enforcement. This set off a horrific chain of events where the Constable fired his weapon in self defense. The bullet struck the father in his arm, shattering his bone. The bullet passed through his arm and then hit 12 year old Ciara in the chest, killing her instantly.

Meyer was initially charged with aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person, according to a Pennsylvania State Police report. He also faces firearms charges because he is not allowed to possess a gun legally due to mental health issues.

Donald Meyer, 57, was charged this week with additional charges of criminal homicide and involuntary manslaughter, People Magazine reports.  Had it not been for his despicable and extremely reckless actions, his daughter would be alive today.

The Perry County District Attorney’s Office provided a statement to People clearing Constable Clarke Steele of any wrongdoing in the Jan. 11 incident and affirms that the officer fired his gun in self-defense.  The Constable will not face any charges in relation to the event, although the personal trauma will surely haunt him forever.

District Attorney Andrew Bender told a CNN affiliate, “Meyer’s reckless conduct, knowing his daughter was standing behind him, triggered a chain of events that tragically led to the death of Ciara Meyer”

Donald Meyer is being held without bail pending further court proceedings.

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