Armed Open Carry Group Shoves Their Ammosexuality Down College Kids’ Throats In Ohio


At least 13 (according to the group) armed ammosexuals walked on the Ohio State university campus to ‘educate’ kids attending school there. When a man named John informed the group that children as young as 5-years-old will be attending dance classes nearby, and politely requested that those participating leave their weapons in their vehicles until right before the walk, Jeffry Smith declined.













Adam Lanza Jeffry wrote in part, “If children are scared, then it is because they’ve been socialized to be so.”

The group’s Facebook page welcomed armed students to participate.

Mitchell attended the walk to gunfuck your children up.

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The group wrote in part:

** Recognizing that this is a educational, interactive, *public relations* walk, please leave “Don’t Tread on Me!”, “From My Cold Dead Hands!”, “3%”, etc. flags/clothing, camo, grungy clothes, and signage at home. **

The purpose of the walk is to inform and engage college students and the public about the right to keep and bear arms, including discussing how those rights are diminished by various laws – for instance, by making college campuses Criminal Empowerment Zones.

It’s worth noting that in Ohio untrained people can carry loaded long guns like AR15s and AK47s anywhere they want. Think about that for a minute. Yet these poor persecuted souls believe their rights have diminished.

You, students, and the general public will get the most from this event by your being willing to engage people in conversation, by listening and responding, not by marching by people or by saying sternly “It’s my RIGHT!” when asked why you’re participating.

That’s right, stop screaming in people’s faces with guns strapped to your back. Instead, calmly talk to them, just like a serial killer would, with a gun strapped to your back. It’s all good.

Jeffry Smith writes:

** UA STUDENTS ** >> – if you have any questions about participating, armed or not, feel free to ask them.
As you may have already seen from the Buchtelite article and elsewhere, open carry by students IS NOT a violation of the Code of Student Conduct, or the law. Come armed, come unarmed, your choice.

Because this guy who participated in the same sort of walk in 2013, riding without a helmet on, knows how to educate your children.












“ARMED student participation is a go!! * Bring it if you have it,” the organizer of the event today wrote.

After last year’s armed walk, Dave wrote, “Even people that admitted they didn’t like guns themselves wanted to have their pictures taken with us. Even if they just want to photoshop the pictures to make fun of us, it’s solid evidence that they weren’t scared of our guns.”

Christopher Holmes writes in response to the group’s gun humping event:

What at a small minded generation has grown, You all should be ashamed of yourselves that you have to carry weapons everywhere you people go….. That is so not the 2nd amendment …. If your that set to open carry in your towns and neighborhoods Go join the military and you can openly carry your weapons to fight for our great country.. Or is is you are all cowards hiding behind your 2nd amendment I think you are all cowards…….. Go fight ISIS and the rest of the terrorists and then you will prove a point, if not stop being assholes.

If an armed group of men approached my little niece, my uber-Conservative brother would meet them with force. That’s how far right these open carry groups are. My brother secures his weapons at home. My brother and his wife are providing their daughter with the education she needs. They don’t need an armed group of miscreants’ help.

Open Carry groups want to make your children feel comfortable around armed strangers.  What could go wrong?

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