As Comey Testified In The Senate, House Republicans Were Up To Some Dirty Tricks


Not all the news was about James Comey on Thursday.

As “President” Comey was answering John McCain’s questions about Hillary Clinton’s involvement in Trump’s Russian collusion case, House Republicans wasted time in a much different way. Being the B-celebrity chamber momentarily, they took the opportunity to pass yet another thing that will never clear the Senate. The CHOICE (Creating Hope and Opportunity for Investors, Consumers and Entrepreneurs) Act is one of those Orwellian-named bills aimed at the legislative version of sexually gratifying a bank.


If that was a little too descriptive for you, let me explain. Remember the rules set by your parents? You either have to clean your room, or you have to finish your dessert. Wait, are those real rules? Okay, well stick with me anyway. Those are their rules, and you have to make a C.H.O.I.C.E. between them. They know which one you’ll pick, but just for good measure… If you don’t finish your dessert, you, uh… Gimme a second, here. Oh, that’s right: there are no penalties.

That’s a kind of funny, but terrifyingly accurate description of the GOP giveaway in their take on “fixing” the clunky (but effective) Dodd-Frank law.

The problem is, like their ceaseless and pointless efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act while Obama was still in office, they know this is going nowhere. It’s not just because it would eviscerate consumer protections and essentially make banking a free-for-all. Those aspects appeal to Republicans in the Senate, as well.


“We may be jerks, but at least we’re not THEM”

No, the problem is that while House Republicans may not give a shit about looking like villains — they were elected to, after all — GOP Senators don’t necessarily hold the same view. And this bill would do nothing, if not make them look bad:

There’s not a single Republican Senator who wants to be saddled with the blame for this.


But they tried, right? House Republicans can now go back to their corporate overlords and report progress, though thwarted.

They don’t know we can keep an eye on Russia and Republicans at the same time.

Featured image via Predrag Kezic/pixabay

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