Bannon’s ‘Breitbart’ Bawls Over The Old Boss Not Being A Big Enough Bigot


On Monday, Donald Trump gave the requisite 9/11 speech, and so did the rest of Team Trump: The big man, the Veep, Jeff Keebler Sessions, and SecDef James Mattis all did their patriotic duty and got those flags a-wavin’.

But did they wave them vigorously enough? Not for Breitbart, the Nazi website run by Trump’s old bigot whisperer Steve Bannon. Not nearly enough, in fact. The fledgling fascists called out every single one of them for not saying “radical Islamic terrorism” in their comments.

I know, I know — They didn’t?!? Nope.

Now, you might be able to chalk this up to Trump just doing the opposite of whatever he was told. We all know he loves to do that. He DID do that, in fact, when he used the term “murdered” in describing the victims of September 11, 2001. A member of the 9/11 Memorial Foundation actually asked Trump specifically not to use the term, so of course he had to.

But that wasn’t quite enough for Breitbart. The website’s lead story on Monday was an evisceration of TrumpCo’s “softness” on those darn Muslims, who, by the way, Trump did call “terrorists who attacked us” and “horrible, horrible enemies.” He just didn’t do it while referencing their religion.

Trump did, of course, use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” pretty much constantly during his campaign for president. He famously even called out President Obama for the same thing Breitbart is upset about now. And maybe Breitbart just really wanted him to say it specifically today, because it hasn’t even been a month since the last time he used the term:

Allah forbid Trump forgets to be a total shitbag to everyone while giving a speech on the anniversary of the worst day in American history.

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