Bernie Sanders Wins Every Demographic Group – Except For Two


Bernie Sanders won in New Hampshire while Conservatives picked a mean-spirited, xenophobic racist as their choice for the White House. Both candidates won by a large margin.

Coming in second was John Kasich, Jeb Bush took 3rd place, Ted Cruz came in 4th, and Marco Rubio ended up at 5th.

What’s interesting are the demographics on the democratic side.

The New York Times reports:

Senator Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton among nearly every demographic group in the Democratic New Hampshire primary, according to exit polls.

He carried majorities of both men and women. He won among those with and without college degrees. He won among gun owners and non-gun owners. He beat Mrs. Clinton among previous primary voters and those participating for the first time. And he ran ahead among both moderates and liberals.

Sanders garnered the vote of all age groups younger than 45 and the two candidates polled evenly among voters aged 45 to 64.

However, Hillary Clinton won the support of voters 65 and older and even though the former Secretary of State lost in nearly every income group, she did carry voters in families earning over $200,000 per year.

And there it is. But that’s just New Hampshire and South Carolina might be another story altogether. Regardless, we have two viable candidates on the left and we’re seeing a lot of passion from voters for their choice.

On the Conservative side, many Republicans have been battling the notion of a Trump nomination while trying to put down the beast they created. But here he is, an unabashed racist with supporters to the likes we haven’t seen since the Tea Party first emerged, now more emboldened than ever to speak their minds, basically wanting to keep America White Again. On that note, it’s been a depressing evening.

According to Maggie Haberman at the New York Times:

The booing at Trump’s event as Hillary Clinton takes the stage on the screens is something else. Chants of “Liar! Liar!” and one man screaming, “I hate you! I hate you!”

Conservatives are keeping it classy, as always.

Here’s where Bernie and Hillary’s campaigns will be telling.

South Carolina  is next and it could go either way. Trump on the Republican side, has a 16 point lead, and given that it’s the South, he’ll likely win that state.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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