Biden Out: The Vice President Not Running For Presidency


At around 12:18 PM Eastern Standard Time at the White House Rose Garden, Vice President Joe Biden, flanked by his wife Jill Biden and the President of the United States, Barack Obama announced that he was not going to seek the Democratic nomination in 2016.
















His speech lasted around twelve minutes yet his announcement speech was not just to inform the media he would not run for President, Vice President Biden made several strong statements.

From stating the Democratic Party should run on the Obama legacy, to saying that it is possible to cure cancer (which took his son Beau on May 30th of this year), to making a strong argument that the United States can afford to provide tuition free public University education to America’s youth.

His populist speech reached out to middle America in attempt to set a narrative for Washington, making claims that both parties need to work together in order to improve the country. Saying, “Republicans are not the enemy” which may have been addressed towards Hillary Clinton who listed Republicans as enemies she was proud to have.

The speech could have easily been used to announce that he was indeed seeking the Presidency, which many insiders believe was something he wanted to do. From his own words one can analyze that Vice President Biden, felt he did not have the time to organize a winning campaign to capture the nomination. Yet, he did promise that he would remain vocal throughout the campaign.

With Biden officially out of the race, Secretary Clinton is expected to benefit more than Senator Bernie Sanders. Real Clear Politics showed Biden averaging 16.8% in their latest national polling, which was a clear indication that the Vice President had an uphill battle to surpass both candidates polling ahead of him.

While today’s events do not anoint Secetary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, it does put pressure on Senator Sanders to prove that he is electable against a Republican candidate as establishment Democrats will rally behind Clinton.

This will definitely be an interesting race to watch between Clinton and Sanders.

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