Bigoted Parents Sue High School For Teaching Daughter World History


Sometimes I read something online and think to myself “how do these people function in society without assistance from a caretaker, because they are clearly a few cards short of a full deck.”

Today, those people are John and Melissa Wood of Charles County, Maryland. This bigoted and hate filled couple decided to sue their daughter’s high school because they claim she was “indoctrinated” into Islam after studying a unit on world religions during the 2014-2015 school year, reports WTOP. As is standard in the county, students in 11th grade study a unit on the formation of world religions, learn about the core beliefs and are tested on them.  Because we want our kids to go out into the world knowing more about the actual world – ie, history, math, science, etc. Sounds normal, right?

Well, not to the Woods. They believe, insanely, that because their daughter was forced to memorize and recite the Five Pillars of Islam that she was somehow indoctrinated into the Muslim faith. Seriously? The family has been raising hell about this supposed indoctrination. Their daughter is an evil Muslim now! Ack!

The Charles County School put out the following statement regarding the curriculum:

“The particular unit in question is on the formation of Middle Eastern empires in which students learned the basic concepts of the Islamic faith and how it, along with politics, culture, economics and geography, contributed to the development of the Middle East. Other religions are introduced when they influence or impact a particular historical era or geographic region. For example, when reviewing the Renaissance and Reformation, students study the concepts and role of Christianity. When learning about the development of China and India, students examine Hinduism and Buddhism.”

WTOP reports that the family has retained the Michigan-based conservative Christian Thomas More Law Center, which filed a civil rights lawsuit against Charles County School System, the school board, and the principal and vice principal of La Plata High School. Fantastic! Nothing like suing the school for educating your kids to prove how awful expanding your mind about the world is.

Daily Mail reports that their attorney, Richard Thompson, states the following gems of kindness and love in his filing:

“Such discriminatory treatment of Christianity is an unconstitutional promotion of one religion over another…”

“The course also taught false statements such as Allah is the same God worshiped by Christians and Islam is a ”’religion of peace”

“A school cannot achieve diversity by punishing and alienating students who hold Judeo-Christian beliefs, while bolstering the doctrines and teachings of other religions.”

“Parents must be ever vigilant to the Islamic indoctrination of their children under the guise of teaching history and multiculturalism.”

“This is happening in public schools across the country. And they must take action to stop it.”

Poor Christians are being persecuted all across America simply because we are making kids learn about other faiths. Wait, since when does simply learning about religions mean that they are being taught that alternate faiths are somehow wrong?  How is it “discriminatory” to learn about other faiths and their history? We aren’t a world of just Christians. Hell, even La Plata High School isn’t all Christian. I bet the Wood’s daughters history class wasn’t even all Christian!

Thompson claims that simply reciting the pillars of the faith is the equivalent of converting to Islam. Wrong. Oh, and he also lied his face off by saying that the kids were subjected to “disparaging teachings about Christianity.” Really? Why haven’t any of the other hundreds of kids that studied that unit every year reported the same concerns? Not one. Because it is a lie. A bald faced lie.

Let me get this straight, bigoted lawyer, simply studying and reciting the tenets of a faith somehow converts you? Just reading the section? If so, then every single kid in that county was indoctrinated into every single faith in rapid succession, correct? Because they studied Judaism, Christianity, Buddism, Islam, Hinduism, maybe some other eastern religions too. Does that mean they were a different faith each day simply because they studied them? Whoo, that is a lot of conversion.

Raw Story reports that Mr. Wood, a Marine Corp Veteran, was banned after he threatened to “cause a “sh*tstorm” and disrupt classes over the world history lesson.” The school reports that those threats are viewed as public safety issue. Damn straight. Those kind of threats, especially from an armed military man, probably warranted a ban from school grounds. I mean, who wants an ex military, angry, armed, bigoted, hate filled, grown man running around a high school?  The suit wants that order lifted. Probably not happening, Mr. Wood.

Oh, and their bigoted daughter refused to turn in the assignment on Islam and got a zero. Her parents want her to be able to do another assignment, probably all about Jesus. The school said no and the F stands.

She fails, you fail, your entire family fails, Mr. and Mrs. Woods.

Fail at life.

H/T: If You Only News.

Image: Thomas More Law Center.

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