Bill Maher Shreds Conservatives For Their ‘Assh*le’ Heroes: Kim Davis, Josh Duggar And Cliven Bundy


The religious far-from-right loves few things and loves to hate many.












Just about every season conservatives get all hot and bothered for a new darling of the month. This year conservatives have had a few darlings to giggle and gush over with the primaries in full swing. However, Kim Davis is probably the biggest pop star right now. Because of Davis many conservatives have had the opportunity to go outside, wave their Bibles in the air, and protest the equal treatment of their fellow human beings.

People like Davis make conservatives happier than a small child chasing a duck in the park. There’s nothing more inspiring to a conservative than someone who “sticks it too the government.”

Remember a guy named Clive Bundy? Bundy was the conservative UN-jolly rancher who believed it was his God given right to allow his cows to eat and shit anywhere they damn well please and not pay his fair share in taxes for it.

Bill Maher did a really funny segment highlighting some of the conservatives favorite troubled poster children.


Bundy was a prime example of white privilege in action. A bunch of white people pointing guns at the Feds in a “stand off” and being admired by Fox News for it. Darken their skin color a few shades, and you would have had a news story about dead gang members and a very busy mortician. Bundy also had some fascinating theories about the “Negroes.”

Who can forget about George Zimmerman? Conservatives had a great time reliving their Charles Bronson fantasies of having a wild negro attack them only to “very reluctantly” have to Second Amendment their attacker to death, all while maintaining their erection.

Zimmerman was hailed a hero for killing an unarmed teenager who he first chased and then shot, after the teen defended himself by kicking Zimmerman’s out of shape MMA wanna be ass. He went on to divorce his wife and “allegedly” threaten his pregnant girlfriend with a shotgun. Meanwhile, conservatives still refer to the kid he killed, Trayvon Martin, as a “thug.”

And of course there’s Josh Duggar, a white guy famous for having parents who gave birth to 19 children. But as it turns out. he just so happens to be an incestuous sister molester who loves rough sex with porn stars and sex messaging dudes pretending to be women on the Ashley Madison website.

Jimmy Swaggart would be very proud.

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