Binders Full Of Women: Mitt Romney Says GOP Ticket Could Be ‘Two Women’


Since Democrats are offering Hillary Clinton as a formidable candidate, Conservatives are attacking her, which is a normal thing in politics.















Mitt Romney must know something we don’t because the only female Republican trying for the Presidency is Carly Fiorina who doesn’t stand a chance of winning. For one, she has no experience in politics. For another, she sucks.

Alan at Liberaland points us to The Guardian:

On the day Hillary Clinton formally launched her presidential campaign with a rally on Roosevelt Island in New York City, and gave a speech laden with promises and appeals on women’s rights and other progressive causes, failed 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney told a GOP gathering his party could have an all-woman ticket in 2016.

Speaking at his own closed-to-the-press conference in Park City, Utah, Romney reportedly praised the former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina, a declared candidate for the GOP nomination, and said he would not be surprised if the Republicans turned out to be “the party that has two women on the ticket”.

Fiorina is widely criticised for her record while in charge of Hewlett Packard in which 30,000 employees were laid off.

Republicans are offering up eleventy thousand candidates and Fiorina is the only woman.

Fiorina’s campaign platform is essentially just attacking Hillary Clinton. In fact, last month Fiorina pretty much stalked Clinton, showing up to hold a news conference outside of an event where Hills was speaking. That’s pretty creepy, don’t you think?

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Image: The Nation.

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