Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut Down Jeb Bush Event


After Jeb Bush answered a few questions at a town hall meeting in Nevada on Wednesday, Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted the event.












According to the Los Angeles Times, chants of “Black Lives Matter” erupted while a few of Bush’s supporters responded with “All Lives Matter” and a few “White Lives Matter” chants could be heard as well in response.

It went  down like this.

A few Black Lives Matter protesters who were chanting were escorted out at the beginning of the town hall meeting when it first began.

A few Bush supporters chanted “All Lives Matter” after a few dozen protesters raised their fists and began chanting, “Black Lives Matter!”

That’s when a protester and a Bush supporter faced off just a few feet from the candidate with their middle fingers extended in each other’s faces.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bush’s campaign said the candidate met with Black Lives Matter advocates earlier in the day and discussed criminal justice reform and barriers to upward mobility.

Watch, uploaded by My World [email protected]:

Bush faced questions at the town hall meeting on immigration policy, and was booed when he said he favored a pathway to legality but not to citizenship for those who are in the country illegally.

Bush does offer exception for people who were brought to the U.S. as children.

Bernie Sanders has faced the same movement’s interruptions who have shut down his events.

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