Black Professor Goes On Fox News, Immediately Gets A Racist Phone Call From A Viewer (VIDEO)


Where Trump supporters and alt-righters are concerned, there is certainly something to be said for anyone willing to have intelligent conversations around matters of skin color, religion, class, and other hot button social and political topics, with them. The operative word used above is “intelligent.”

Unfortunately, far too often, jaded and propaganda-filled nonsense are the basis of the views held by those who identify with the political right. Because they find their ignorance more blissful than words can describe, more often than not they’re unwilling and unable to hear anything, no matter how factual, that isn’t in line with what they believe.

For the reasons stated above, it’s absolutely asinine for anyone who considers him/herself intelligent to mince words with the Trump-supporting sycophants who believe that diversity is of the devil. The more these people talk, the more any logical person should question their motives. Mark Twain may have said it best:

‘Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.’

Difficulty in the ability to tell the difference between the actual fool and the person allowing himself to be portrayed as a fool is quite clear where University of Maryland professor, Jason Nichols’, appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show is concerned. Fox News’ nonsense rhetoric aside, Nichols appeared on the show to discuss the problematic nature of celebrating Christopher Columbus.

Wait. Since the 1400s white people (in general) have been doing the most harm to Native Americans, Africans, and their descendants (among other groups). They’ve been unapologetic and unbothered by the consequences of their actions. From its inception, Columbus Day has been observed with the full knowledge that he “discovered” a land that was a thriving and bustling hub of innovation, rich culture, and full of respect for the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

What in the name of all things intelligent would be the reason that in 2017, Jason Nichols who, for all intents and purposes is a scholar, would take himself on any Fox News show to debate the validity of Columbus Day? He should’ve saved that air for his last breaths or to give CPR to someone in need. He didn’t, though. Instead, Nichols wasted minutes of his life with Tucker Carlson and the result is the waste of airtime below:

Oh, but wait. The interview above isn’t the only thing that came from Nichols’ appearance. An unintended, but to be expected consequence was the almost 10-minute voicemail message Nichols received from one of Carlson’s viewers who decided to give Nichols a piece of her mind.

For added effect, Nichols recorded himself listening to the message, then posted the video online.

The so-called commander in chief of the United States of America was endorsed by the KKK and said/did nothing to rebuke the support. This was in 2016. While a year can often make a positive difference, in this case, the only difference the time since Trump was endorsed by the KKK has made is that white supremacists have simply had time to organize and plan horrific acts of domestic terror in the name of “fulfilling promises of Trump.”

There was nothing surprising about Carlson’s reaction to Nichols. There was nothing surprising about the voicemail Nichols received. The only thing surprising is that people are surprised.

In the spirit of being cautious about hearing from people who argue with idiots, it’s important that people aren’t fooled by clever distractions. A man with brown skin going on Fox News to argue about Christopher Columbus, then receiving a hateful call and sharing it on social media, feels real distraction’ish.

As grandmothers have been saying for decades, “When you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.” Jason Nichols is itching, but it’s not because he was bitten by some new bug called racism.

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