‘Black Trash’: Trump Fans Are Very Upset Malia Obama Is Acting Like A 19-Year-Old (IMAGES)


Trump supporters and the right-wing media are freaking out because Melia [sic] Obama, 19, is acting like an adult teenager. On Thanksgiving, conservatives blasted Miss Obama for having the audacity to date a man. Obama is dating her Harvard boyfriend Rory Farquharson, the son of a British investment manager, and the couple was seen (gasp) kissing. On Friday, reports from outlets like the far-right website The Daily Caller, published an ‘article’ to reveal that Malia (however, the author misspelled her name as ‘Melia’) was blowing smoke rings, as the commenters under the post clutched their faux pearl necklaces.

On Twitter, Malia Obama is trending.

One Trump supporter called former President Barack Obama’s daughter ‘black trash.’

The comments at The Daily Caller are just as bad.




















In the video of Malia acting like a totally normal person, apparently, one of her ‘friends’ remarked (according to the caption) that she is “firing off them O’s like a boss.”

Overlaying the video are the words “Fucking get your camera right now” and later the video was leaked.

The name The Daily Caller is looking for is, “Malia.”

Screen capture:






The Obamas took a lot of unwarranted heat while in office, and their children were disparaged for no reason whatsoever. Trump supporters should be really careful here. It’s like giving the left a reason to go after Barron Trump. We would never do that here, but when you open the floodgates, be careful what comes in.

Malia, keep living your life and possibly get new friends who won’t sell you out for a viral video.

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Photo: Obama White House via Flickr. 

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